Embriodered Polo Shirts

Custom Polo Shirts Will Set Your Organization Apart!

Polo shirts showcase an attractive, professional and academic image ideal for businesses, school clubs, church groups and non-profits. The buttoned collar and clean-cut design displays a polished look while the short sleeves and breathable fabric is also comfortable and easy to wear indoors or outdoors.

A Pro Image provides embroidery on polo shirts of all sizes to add your name, business name, title, logo and more to the front of your shirt.

Our polos use a strong weave made from soft materials so they provide a durable, appealing, relaxed fit. Our selection includes almost every color imaginable so you can easily match previous uniforms, school colors, business logos and more. We embroider lettering and logos on the front of each shirt using our detailed, precise stitching machines. The color selection continues to our hundreds of threads, so your logo appears vivid and clear on your shirts. Like our custom printed shirts, our embroidered polos are made to last over years of use, saving you time and money on repeat orders.